Epic movie nights. That's what we deliver.

That movie you missed. The TV show everyone raves about. Family favorites. It's all here.


How DVD Netflix works

Since 1998, we've sent over 5 billion DVD and Blu-ray rentals in our famous red envelopes to entertainment lovers across the nation. See how easy it is below.

The fun starts with picking your movies

Create a list of everything you want to see. We'll automatically ship the DVDs from your list.

Delivered to you with free shipping

It's as easy as checking the mailbox. No trips to the kiosks required and free returns.

There's always something new

What makes movie night great? Finding a movie or TV show you're psyched about. We have the latest releases, premium TV shows, and hottest titles added every week.

Cheaper than a movie ticket

It's easy on your wallet with a low monthly fee. Our unlimited plans start at $9.99 per month with no late fees.

Relax and watch on your schedule

Watch when you want with no due dates or late fees. Heck, watch it again. Send it back for free and we'll send another one.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does shipping work?

    Your DVDs ship first class with return postage paid, straight to your mailbox. When you're finished, simply place the DVD into the prepaid red envelope and put it in the mail. Once the post office receives it, we'll ship another from your list.

  • Is it really that convenient?

    Absolutely! Instead of running to the kiosk or buying pay-per-view rentals, you can have movies and shows sent directly to you. Plus, with no due dates or late fees, you can keep each DVD as long as you want so you don't have to hurry to watch them.

  • Which plan should I choose?

    Our most popular plan is the 1-out unlimited, which allows for several movie nights per month. Our 2-out unlimited plan is ideal for households with different movie tastes, or for watching multiple TV series episodes.

  • Do you have Blu-rays?

    Yes! Your plan will include access to both DVD and Blu-ray formats. We offer a huge selection of Blu-ray discs that give you vivid HD picture and amazing high-fidelity audio so you can experience movies just as the director intended. We even have many classics and older movies available on Blu-ray.

  • Already a Netflix customer?

    With movies from the 1910s to now (many of which aren't available to stream) and shows from premium networks like HBO and Starz, a disc plan is a great way to complete your Netflix experience. Easily add one to your existing account here.

  • Can DVD save me money?

    Definitely. If you're currently paying for multiple premium movie channels or renting from the kiosk or pay-per-view, you're spending way more than you need to. With Netflix DVD, you can see almost every movie and TV show you want to, with plans starting as low as $9.99/month.

Unlimited movies sent to your door, starting at $9.99 a month.